Project Profile Energy Efficiency

Westport BP

1510 POST RD E Westport CT 06880 US

Project Description

At Wesport BP, both the exterior lighting and interior lighting in the convenience store were important to maintain a steady stream of customers. Because the lighting outside was illuminated 24 hours a day, their eletcrical bill was extremley high. PTE worke with the owners to do a complete lighting retrofit of their and outdoor facilities. PTE upgraded 14 outdated fluorescent lights in the cooler cases to LED lighting and lower watt fluorescents as well as replaced 6 HID Metal Halide lights outside to new lighting fixtures of lower wattage. The LED lighting gave their coolers a much brigher and refined look while the outdoor lights helped to use less energy while constantly maintaining their brightness.

Project Attributes

Project Type:
Energy Efficiency
Project Phase:
Completed Mar, 2011

Project Outcome

  • Energy Savings
  • Dollar Savings
  • Decrease Carbon Footprint
  • Brighter more refined look

Savings & Incentives

Cost Savings:
Energy Savings:
35,240 kwh
Payback Period:
Projected 3 year payback period
Incentives Used:
CEEF Incentive: $9,207 (45% of total project cost), 0% Financing, $0 up-front payment