Project Profile Energy Efficiency

Langan Volkswagon

375 S BROAD ST Meriden CT 06450 US

Project Description

PTE Energy did a complete lighting retrofit in the showroom to showcase the cars as well as the parking lot to improve the customers experience and safety. PTE performed the complete project from inital assessment, to installation, to final propsal.

Existing equipment consisted of outdated 400 watt metal halide fixtures that had poor lighting quality and high costs, so PTE Energy installed new four lamp T8 high bay fixtures that reduced energy consumption by over 75%. Next, in the showroom, PTE installed LED lamps that reduced energy consumption by over 80% and provided better color rendering to highlight the showroom floor. In the parking lot, the bulbs were replaced with HID pulse bulbs that consume only 50% of the energy.





Project Attributes

Project Type:
Energy Efficiency
Project Phase:
Completed Sep, 2010

Project Outcome

  • Energy Savings
  • Dollar Savings
  • Decrease in Carbon Footprint
  • Reduction in maintenance costs
  • Enhanced look and feel to facility

Savings & Incentives

Cost Savings:
None Provided
Energy Savings:
22878 kwh
Payback Period:
Estimated 2 Year Payback Period
Incentives Used:
CEEF Incentive: $7,324, 0% Financing, $0 up-front payment